The Technology


COMFIRE®:A Superior Fireproof Material

Marine Systems Technology (MST) originally developed COMFIRE® for marine applications, believing that the COMFIRE® technology would be an ideal way to meet newly imposed (and very stringent) safety requirements for new vessels. In addition to being fireproof, COMFIRE® is also non-carcinogenic and can be recycled. By combining these complementing attributes with stability in water, good acoustic attenuation, and a weight ad-vantage over current materials, COMFIRE® has become a world-leading product that complies with the most stringent safety requirements and offers many practical advantages to the ship and oil platform designer.

COMFIRE® systems for wet area and other marine applications may be supplied ready built or flat pack with appropriate 316 stainless steel fittings. COMFIRE® doors are supplied with COMFIRE® frames, substantially reducing the volume of timber required in the ship’s interior. COMFIRE® doors are designed to allow retrofit where existing steel bulkhead apertures and traditional fitting methods were adopted.

Fixings specifically designed for COMFIRE® provide maximum holding power while taking advantage of the low weight. For example, a 19mm laminate faced panel with a core density of 330 kg/m3 supports a 60 kg load on 300mm brackets, showing no deformation in the vertical alignment of the COMFIRE® panel. For galleys, COMFIRE® with stainless steel facings may have stainless steel inserts fitted directly to the panel for shelving and galley equipment, thus saving labour hours and space in tight premium areas.

As COMFIRE® has been utilized and tested, it has become clear that MST developed an ideal solution for applications that require a lightweight, non-combustible system.
COMFIRE® can be delivered in a variety of forms, including panels, molded components, as well as modular systems to meet your specific needs.


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