Cheshire based Marine Systems Technology Ltd., and affiliated company MST Engineering Ltd. were incorporated in 2001 and acquired by PaR Systems, Inc. of Shoreview, Minnesota, USA in 2012 to enhance the offerings of their Marine division.

PaR Marine provides a range of engineering systems for naval and commercial use. MST and its COMFIRE® technology is a perfect addition to PaR Marine’s range of products for navy, cruise and ferry, offshore, and luxury yachts markets.

MST’s COMFIRE® is a state-of-the-art composite material that is completely non-combustible (no smoke or toxicity) and dimensionally stable in water. It also offers excellent thermal and sound insulation properties. COMFIRE® contains fire in enclosed areas and can also be fabricated into modular panel systems, equipment locker systems, acoustic enclosures, eco-friendly cabin systems and fire curtains; lightweight, non-combustible case goods and furniture; lightweight, watertight, gas tight, and weather tight door systems. MST has also developed level access systems for watertight, gas tight, and weather tight doors.

MST marine products and systems are found on naval ships, cruise ships and fast ferries, offshore platforms, and luxury yachts. MST’s fireproof door systems are employed in installations such as the Royal Navy’s Queen Elizabeth Class aircraft carriers and the Australian Navy’s LHD Class amphibious ships. In 2012, a COMFIRE® equipped watertight door became the first to pass the US Navy’s most stringent N30 fire test.


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